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Water Tanks

We strongly promote the use of rainwater tanks within our water restricted area for domestic and Commercial applications such as:

  • Gardens and Lawns
  • Washing the car
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Supplying cold water to washing machines
  • Topping up swimming pools etc
  • Washing inside

We install quality and compliant products aimed at making the purchase and installation of your rainwater tank as easy as possible.

We have a range of Poly & Steel Tanks specifically designed for the Australian Climate ranging from 1,000lt to 45,000lt

We have a range of tanks available such as:

  • Modular
  • Slimline
  • Domestic
  • Rural
  • Bagel & Toroid
  • Stainless Steel


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1st Flush Diverters
The 1st Flush Water Diverters improves water quality, reduce tank maintenance and protect pumps by preventing the first flush of water, which may contain contaminants from the roof, from entering the tank.

Instead of flowing to the water tank, these pollutants are diverted with the initial flow of water into the chamber of the water diverter. The water diverters from Rain Harvesting utilise a dependable ball and seat system - a simple automatic system that does not rely on mechanical parts or manual intervention. As the water level rises in the diverter chamber the ball floats, and once the chamber is full, the ball rests on a seat inside the diverter chamber preventing any further water entering the diverter. The subsequent flow of water is then automatically directed along the pipe system to the tank.

For a water diverter to work effectively, the contaminated water in the chamber must be sealed off. This prevents the water passing to the storage tank and ensure the water does not "syphon" off the contaminated water in the chamber. The simplest and surest way to do this is with a floating ball and seat. A slow release valve ensures the chamber empties itself after rain and resets automatically. The diverted water need not be wasted water because the drain pipe from the diverter chamber can be fitted to a standard drip irrigation system.

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