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Toilet Suites & Bidets
The toilet is an essential item in a bathroom so you want one that's right for your needs. We have access to variety of quality systems and designs. Toilet suites today have experienced a design revolution to provide a wide range of shapes and models. All toilets are required to have a 6/3 litre dual flush systems to meet Australian Standards and have a water saving effect which will help dramatically reduce the water quantity going through the cistern compared to single flush units.

The cistern is a small tank that houses the water required to flush a toilet. It also stores the flush valve and float, which control the flow of water in and out of the cistern. It can be mounted directly behind the toilet or concealed inside the wall. Cisterns today come in a variety of designs.


Leaking toilets can waste thousands of litres of water every year. We can repair or fix leaking toilets, install or replace dual flush cisterns, and unblock blocked toilets. Our vehicles are stocked with replacement parts if required. We can also install disabled toilets.

Check your toilet for leaks:
Leaks are not always visible with toilets. But they can waste up to 16,000 litres of water a year. To check for leaks place a small amount of food die in the toilet tank. If the die runs into the bowl without flushing contact us immediately.

Install or convert your toilet to dual flush:
Replace a single flush toilet with a 4.5 litre /3 litre dual flush. This can save up to 5 litres of water per flush, which can mean a home with 2 adults, and 2 children can save up to 36,000 litres per year. Toilet repair

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