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Plumbing Tips & Hints
You have a suspected water leak Make sure all taps are turned off. Go to water meter and check if it is still running. This could be indicative of a large leak. For smaller leaks - read the water meter last thing at night before you go to bed (making sure all taps are turned off), then read the meter again first thing in the morning (before flushing toilets or turning on any taps) to check if there has been an increase in the reading.

Smell Gas

TURN OFF THE GAS METER: The gas meter is usually located at the side of your house or building. The stop valve will either be a lever or a small handle. To turn off the gas - turn the lever or handle 90 degrees from its original position and call a plumber straight away.  Call 5447 0054

Burst Water Pipe
TURN OFF THE WATER METER: Turn off water meter by turning the tap handle clockwise to avoid water damage. The water meter is most often found at the front boundary line of your property near your garden tap. In units, the water meter to your dwelling is at the front or rear of your unit. There may also be a meter at the front of the complex which will turn off the water to the entire block of units. Call 5447 0054.

Leaking Toilet (cistern)
If severe, turn off the cistern via the cistern stop by turning it clockwise. This is a tap located usually below the cistern.


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