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Solar Collectors

Solar collectors can be either, flat-plate panels or evacuated tubes that are roof mounted to absorb heat from the sun. For maximum efficiency, collectors should be placed in direct sunlight for all seasons (to account for winter and summer sun direction).

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated Tubes
Evacuated tube is a product that is optimised in geometry and performance. The evacuated tube collector consists of rows of parallel transparent glass tubes, each containing an absorber coating designed to intensify and hold extreme heat inside the tube. This heat is maintained via a vacuum between the inner and outer layer, which helps them achieve extremely high temperatures even in winter. With your water flowing directly through the collector and inside the tubes this heat is transferred directly to the water itself, hence increasing efficiency.


 Solar Reflectors TubesReflectors
The Apricus solar hot water system is a high quality, high efficiency solar water heater which utilises the latest in evacuated tube solar technology. Evacuated tubes are being recognised as the most efficient choice for solar hot water systems, thanks to the round tube design allowing more heat to be captured for longer hours of the day. The Apricus solar hot water system carries industry leading warranties: 15 years on tubes and heat pipes.

Stainless Steel Tank
Designed for the discerning purchaser who values high performance and longevity, each tank is constructed from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel.


Flat Panels

Flat Panels
The flat panels we use are of high quality and manufactured in Australia. They are specifically designed to maximise solar efficiency and minimise heat loss. The benefits and features are:

  • AMCRO selective surface € long lasting and high performance.
  • 7 riser tubes for effective transfer of solar energy to the water.
  • High efficiency collectors for improved solar contribution.
  • Copper Solar absorber to maximise efficiency in collection solar energy.
  • Aluminium casing € corrosion resistant and ideal for coastal areas.
If you live in a frost prone area, it is important that you specify and install frost tolerant collector panels (FTCs). Non-frost tolerant panels damaged by frost are not covered by warranty for any damage due to freezing or frost. The FTC panels are warranted against frost damage caused by temperatures down to - 6C.

Residential Geothermal is a highly effective and renewable way to both heat and cool your home. Basically you run a set of pipes in what is called a loop underground where the temperature is between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius. In winter the water and environmentally safe anti freeze solution is ran through the pipes and into heat pump that extracts heat and transfers into a blower or radiant source to heat your home. In the summer the process is reversed and the house is cooled. It can also be hooked up to a hot water tank so that on warm days the heat can be extracted and used to warm household water.


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