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Pipe Freezing

Kelly Plumbing has strived to stay abreast with the technological advances in the Plumbing Industry. This is why Phil and his experienced team of professional technicians are proud to have this specialised piece of Pipe Freezing equipment.

This economical and environmentally friendly option helps when servicing, repairing and extending pipe systems. Traditionally when pipes needed to be maintained it was often necessary for the entire water system to be shut down, which could be both inconvenient and costly especially for businesses. Although fortunately, due to the advances in technology this machine ensures accurate and precise  freeze plugging to minimise repair times.

How does it work your wondering?

Carbon dioxide is used to isolate problem areas in the pipe with freeze plugs. This allows the job to be done in most cases with no system downtime. Then once our work is completed, the plugs are thawed and the line is back in operation, very simple. We are capable of freezing pipes from 3/8 to 3 inch in diameter (larger sizes on P.O.A)

Pipe Freezing

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