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At Kelly Plumbing we have had years of experience Repairing burst pipes and have developed some state of the art Leak detection initiatives .

This achieved by a number of methods depending on the problem at Hand.

Leak Detection Services

This  is used for locating leaking water, gas lines to try and identify the exact location of the problem in order to repair the problem. This can be very worrying but at Kelly Plumbing we take the  stress out of the situation.

Our  equipment and knowledge help work out the difficult situations that will arise

Service we carry out are -

Location of leaks to water and gas lines.

Locating services in a property, be it a lost  Septic tank or sewerage or stormwater pipework we are able to locate.


Pipe Locating

This can be used to located a pipe via a sonde locator to enable accurate locating and depthing to know exactly were a pipe is located or the exact location a problem lays within a piping system for surgical excavation and repair.


Pool leak Detection

Sometimes piping under a pool can leak and as these are normally in difficult locations a number of large detection techniques are used to try and minimize the damage around a pool area.


Camera CCTV for Drains

We can use our drain camera to locate problems withing a stormwater or Sewer drain . The enables us to have a birds eye view of the problem prior to any excavation works taking place , sometimes saving exacvtion at all.


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