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Accredited Green Plumber.

Kelly Plumbing is a fully accredited 5 Star Green plumber who assists our customers in understanding the relationship between the Environment & Public Health. Green plumbing is the practice of environmentally sustainable solutions in the plumbing industry and we strive to educate and assist the public in making an asserted effort in the conservation of our precious resources.

What do the 5 Stars stand for? And what do they mean for you?

Green Plumbing

Five Stars


This star stands for Hot Water Heating, Heating and Cooling, Greenhouse gas reduction, Customer Service, and energy star ratings for Electric and Gas.

What that means to you: Kelly Plumbing have been trained in Climate protection so they can assist you as the householder in the decision process when purchasing hot water heating units and domestic heating and cooling appliances.

Caring for Our Water

This star stands for Water sustainability, efficient appliances, technology, best practices and caring for our creeks, rivers and bays.
Inspection Report
What that means to you: Kelly Plumbing has the knowledge and skills to advise you on:

  • Domestic water audits
  • We do Home Plumbing Evaluations
  • Caring for our waterways
  • Stormwater/sewerage
  • Water efficient products
  • New developments in technology (rainwater, recycled water, greywater)
  • Government incentive / rebate schemes
  • Permanent water saving rules
  • Recycled water opportunities for both domestic and commercial applications.


This star stands for reliable and efficient solar hot water reducing your energy costs dramatically. State & Federal Government rebate information.

What that means to you: Kelly Plumbing can advise you on the following information when choosing a new hot water unit for your home.

  • Size, capacity and personal hot water requirements
  • Existing energy use
  • Environmental issues
  • Potential energy savings planned for the future
  • We do Home Plumbing Evaluations
  • Cost comparisons between different energy sources
  • State & Federal government water rebates

Reused Water

This star stands for Water recycling and water harvesting, grey water and rain water for water sustainability.

What that means to you: Kelly Plumbing can assist you in developing a plan for water sustainibility for the future through the following areas:

  • rain water harvesting considerations
  • size, location and use for rain water tanks
  • rain water flushing toilet systems
  • gravity feed systems/pump systems
  • domestic greywater use (do's and dont's)
  • greywater treatment systems
  • environmental & public health issues
  • potential water savings planned for now or the future
  • sewage treatment systems and septic tanks
  • state government water rebates
  • local water restrictions information


The Green Plumbers 50 point environmental household Inspection Report will help you work out in detail how much water you currently use around your home, and Kelly Plumbing will be able to discuss various water saving and environmental options that can be individually planned for your household. Many of these options will also be eligible for State Government rebates that Kelly Plumbing can assist you with.

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