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Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Because the combustion process is almost perfect, very few by-products are emitted into the atmosphere as pollutants. Natural gas burns cleaner than heating oil, and does not leave product, like ash, behind. It is very popular, and the major source of energy for most consumers. Natural gas is more cost-effective because it is in abundant supply. LPG and Natural Gas will become the resource of the future. It burns much cleaner, better for the environment and uses very little energy.

In remote locations LPG is still a cleaner option for the environment over electricity. By running your appliances on LPG instead of electricity you can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Gas appliance installation & service

Kelly Plumbing is fully qualified to carry out new installations or the servicing of Natural Gas & LP Gas Heaters and Upright Stoves.



Gas is a wonderful source of heat, that will become the fuel of the future due to its clean burning process. Having a gas heater though does come with some responsibility as a home owner as far as maintenance goes. Why Service a Gas Heater? Gas heaters need to be professionally installed by a licensed gasfitter and properly looked after. An unsafe heater can cause a house fire or pollute your home with dangerous fumes. Servicing of gas heaters is recommended before the winter season every 2 & 3 years or more frequent if unit is quite old, especially those with fans. A yellow burner flame can indicate that your heater is in need of a service. If you service your heater regularly and use it correctly, it will be safe and economical to use for years to come.

Look for possible signs that may suggest you need to get your heater checked by a license plumber.

1) Fan not working
2) Yellow flame
3) Smell of Gas
4) Heater becomes loose from wall

By servicing your heater regularly it ensures the following
1) Your family is kept safe.
2) Unit continues to run efficiently and gains an optimal life span.
3) CO Tested for any unwanted gases and pollutants.

- Space Heater 

Space Heaters produces a cosy radiant warmth with superior quality and reliability, they are suitable for large living areas with powerful heat output. The benefit of a gas space heater is it helps to keep the heat down low rather than a split system where the hot air is being pushed out much higher up near the ceiling. 

Space Heater

- Log Flame Heaters

Decorative Gas Log Flame Fires are stylish while adding ambience to any room, as well as the added benefit of no mess! They are available in both Freestanding & inbuilt options.

 Log Flame Heaters 2

- Wall Furnace

The Braemar WF2000 is Australia's most attractive and functional wall furnace heating system. Its elegant slim-line design makes it as discreet or as visible as you like. It has fewer louvers and no dust catching holes, as other wall furnaces do, making it easier to clean. It is available in two large output models. The WF2000 30MJ, which is ideal for most domestic applications and will heat up to* 90m2, and also 40MJ which is designed for light commercial applications such as halls or large rumpus rooms and will heat up to *110m2. Environmentally it is an extremely efficient form of heating with low greenhouse gas emissions. The control panel is hidden behind a hinged panel out of reach of curious toddlers and also easily assessable for the elderly as no bending required.

Gas Cooking Appliance Installations and Repairs

We have fully qualified technician that can install your new Free Standing gas oven, or if encountering any issue with your existing unit have an expert make the required repairs. We can also install new gas piping for an oven which is being moved to a new location.

If you suspect an issue with the safety of your existing freestanding gas oven, we can perform a safety inspection.


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