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Blocked Drains

Drain Cleaning Sewer, Septic & Stormwater

With up to date and well serviced machinery we can offer a prompt and reliable service to clear any blockage you may have weather it's the bath, basin, shower, toilet, sink, traps or pits. We clear blockages caused by tree roots in all sewer pipes and stormwater drains, as well as blocked downpipes, drainpipes, sewerage systems, septic systems, gully traps, and sewers. All our work is carried out within the best interest of our customers ensuring complete customer satisfaction, and with the utmost care for the environment.

Blocked Drains Blocked Drains Blocked Drains

Drain Camera

The drain camera is a very unique piece of equipment, used to locate problems in both sewer and stormwater lines.

The camera head is attached to a reel, which is fed down the drain. A monitor shows what's happening as you go and it measures the distance you have traveled along the pipe, giving exact locations as to where breakages, leaks, tree roots, concaving, pressure points etc. may be.

img_04Find the problem the first time and save money. Don't waste time and money on unwanted call-backs for the same blockage time after time

Drain Renewals

We are specialists in blocked drains and have fully equipped drainage vehicles ready to tackle any blocked drain. We also carry out emergency drain renewals and can replace your existing sewer or stormwater line with very little or no inconvenience.Drain renewals are traditionally carried out by performing an "open cut" or "trench" method to gain access to the area surrounding the damaged portion of the pipe. With advancements in technology we are now able to repairs using a trenchless repair method. Sewer or Stormwater line replacement doesn't mean destroyed yards or ruined driveways as trechless Repair causes less damage than traditional excavation repair methods, with less environmental impact.



Pipe Re-Lining

Relining is the process of repairing damaged pipes by creating a "pipe within a pipe" to restore function and flow. Epoxy relining materials mould to the inside of the existing pipe to create a smooth new inner wall.

Pipe relining may be used to repair root-damaged pipes, seal cracks and holes, fill in missing pipe and seal joint connections underground, in stormwater lines and under concrete. The relined pipe is seamless and durable, and all materials used in the relining process are non-hazardous

Root Proof Sewers

Geberit has a wide range of drainage systems that covers every situation including in-ground drainage, above ground drainage, roof drainage, trade waste, acoustic piping, etc...

Geberit HDPE pipe and fittings are an economical alternative to Earthenware, Copper, Brass, Cast Iron and Stainless steel pipes in gravity drainage systems. It is a hard wearing, robust and chemical resistant piping system suitable for almost any drainage application above ground and in ground.

It is impact resistant and flexible without cracking or breaking. This material quality makes it the perfect material for in ground drainage systems that also resist tree root penetration and aggressive soil conditions. Comes with a 20 Year Warranty in a domestic application.

Pipe Locating

Our Pipe and Cable Locator will locate your standard water pipes, or sewer with our hand held device. We can also locate more complex pipes for commercial properties. The locator quickly steers you to the right pipe reducing difficult locations and costly mistakes.

Pipe Locating Pipe Locating 2

Pumped Toilet Systems

Create a Bathroom or Kitchen anywhere!!!

The Sanitary Macerator allows the installation of a bathroom in confined spaces. Its modern design ensures a complementary fit to your toilet and basin.
Macerators and the Lifting Station are designed with an exclusive cassette system. It houses all of the electrical and mechanical components, which allows for fast and easy maintenance without having to remove the appliance.
The low noise level allows installation of the products into any part of your home, thanks to the quiet running performance.

Pumped Toilet Systems 2 Pumped Toilet Systems

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