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Backflow Prevention

Backflow PreventionBackflow prevention is the term used to prevent the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source into drinking and bathing water supply system.

Backflow occurs when a contaminated source enters the water supply. The contaminated source can enter through a cross connection with the drinking water supply.

The water supply system is designed to ensure that water flows to your property under pressure. If this pressure is not maintained, there is a chance that water could be drawn back into you local water supply.
Backflow Prevention
We are accredited to carry out the annual testing of existing devices and also carry out new installation or repairs.

Most of the time water flows "forward" from the water supply system into your home. Backflow is the term used to describe the "backward flow" of water into the water supply system. In other words, backflow would occur when water from your home "flows back" into the public water supply. Or backflow can be caused when water from a garden hose "flows back" into your home. Backflow can be caused by either back pressure or back-siphonage of your plumbing system. If water flowing backwards contains hazardous chemicals or bacteria, it can cause an unhealthy or dangerous situation.

   Backflow Prevention

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